Monday, 29 June 2009

"And All My Violence Gone"

Phew, it is, as they say 'a scorcher'. 

However, I am not one of those people that enjoys feeling the flesh melt from my bones. 

Trying to focus a bit more - I was trying so hard to do everything I was getting nothing done. So I'm just concentrating on one thing at a time - I'll keep a record of my ideas and try to get around to them eventually. For now, I have the Acquired Collective thing to do

Which is my first attempt to do something more Fine Art based. I think I'm going to try and do some music with it - using my old Clok Music ideas

First though, I have to design it all as I only have one record to use. So as not to fuck it up I've traced it into Photoshop to try and mess about with it (tracing rather than scanned - why? Rather stupid of me). My first time really using photoshop as well as the Wacom tablet I've borrowed. The idea was to quickly bang out lots of variations and then choose one to create, but it's taking me ages.

Ah well. Going to bed now, hot and tired. 

Here it is so far. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

"It Has Turned Into Crystal"

And I watched Polanski's Knife in the Water' and tried drawing from it. Last time I did this was his 'Repulsion' - just great looking films. Enjoyed this. 

Tried to focus on hands a bit more as my hands suck. As does everything else, but one suckage at a time please. 

"The Snot has Caked Against My Pants"

Day off today, so I got some stuff done. 

Went to Brighton Station for a half hour of drawing and then to the beach. The sketches looked very much like these: 

Love: Forever Changes

Elvis Costello: Armed Forces

Henry David Thoreau: Walden

The Witching Hour

33 1/3: Forever Changes

Batman Animated Series

"Accidents will Happen"

Real late. Still not finished. New subject now, damn. Must speed up. 

Here is the latest bumf. 

Sunday, 21 June 2009

"Nixon went for Pepsi, goddamn it!"

Didn't get as much drawing done as I wanted this weekend, but it was a good weekend. 

Currently listening to some Alan Moore CDs: 

Angel Passage

Brought to Light

The Highbury Working

Love 'em. Can easily do these a few times I think - should keep me going with my drawing until the next Horroretc podcast. 

I tried to finish off my Fourteen Nights drawing, but it looked so fucking awful I thought I'd try a little longer - glad I did, I reckon I can improve it after all. Man, this is going to be so late! 

Made myself an amazing dinner - it was yellow, pink, purple, green, red, fushia, brown, orange, white, gold. 

Roasted balsamic beetroot & onion with a salad of sweetcorn, radish, lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, spring onion and a mustard and red wine vinegar dressing, and a 

I was very impressed with myself. 

Oh, I better post a picture hadn't I? I really suck at hands, must practice. Unfortunately if I wait until I can draw them I'll never finish the Fourteen Nights pic so I'm just going to have to have suky hands on it. 

Must get around to doing that Geoff Senior article for 'Unpretty' blog as well. 

"You've been cryin, your face is a mess - come in baby, you can dry the tears on my dress"

This week so far:

Blue Beach sketches

Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis

Love - Forever Changes

Truth: Red, White & Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker

Spellbound alternative 80's night - Mart's birthday

Walden: Henry David Thoreau

Essential: The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright by Bryan Talbot

The Woman in Black

Artichoke hearts

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

She Got A TV Eye On Me

More refining of my Fourteen Nights idea. The guy's started looking less like a vampire and more of a cross between that creepy guy from Lost Highway and The Devil.

Checked out some 'Witching Hour' comics for inspiration, think I'm getting closer.

Had to really simplify the stuff coming out of his jacket though, wanted loads of different types of executions but couldn't really figure it out. Then again, the whole concept doesn't work as well now and I didn't try that hard...hmmmm. Maybe they could be comic panels? Then it would be like he was presenting an anthology show - shadenfreude and all that - which is supposed to be the idea - a sideshow of someone elses pain - hence 'rubbernecker'. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

"And Baby Ain't You Tired"

Yes, so I'm just reading. Going to try and finish The Adventures of Luther Arkwright tonight.

Monday, 15 June 2009

"And the Whores Like A Choir.."

Some sketches for the Fourteen Nights 'Sideshow' subject. Man, I'm already four days late with this. Still, I've out my 360 away until September so I actually get some stuff done. Might actually work. Plus I need to do some grammar correcting on my blog apparently. I'm usually so good with it as well, damn. Must be more careful. 

Must make a note to look at Alex Toth's 'Witching Hour' comics for the 'Rubberneck' ghoul. I'm trying to get as much story out of one picture as possible, I could add in another character or keep Rubbernecker looking at the camera. Should do more really but I am knackered and still want to get some a chapter of my book read tonight (Walden by Henry David Thoreau). 

Already managed to get in some more practice on 'Blues Run The Game' Bert Jansch version and then go for a nice beach walk. 

Plus, got my assignment from 'Aquired Collective' and I have a month to submit work, so that's 15th july.

And then there's the R2D2 Godzilla comic I want to do. Going to be a busy time! 

Listening to Horrorpodcast's 'The Thing' commentary, man that film rocks. 

Finally did a six word story today based on a news story: 

Carrot bomb. Victims suffer improved eyesight. 

Sunday, 7 June 2009

"Sunday, sunday here again.."

..and here's some stuff from today. More beach drawings and some brainstorming for Fourteen Nights - might try and do one for their current subject. I seem to keep coming up with macabre twists on it...

"Saturday, saturday, saturday it's a saturday-e-yay.."

Some more drawings from the beach on Saturday, plus some thumb drawings from the anatomical book. 

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Monday, 1 June 2009

Hang On To Your Genre

Did some work from an anatomy book a friend recommended, very cool. Been doing some hands, just copying at the moment but trying to learn how all the muscles and bones work, trying to concentrate on one part at a time. Will post up soon, probably tomorrow. Bed now. 


Horroretc podcast episode 86

Made Spicy Red Vegetable Soup for lunch

Les Savy Fav, Inches and Go Forth

Bert Jansch Blues Run The Game


Vegan Thai Stir Fry

Stray Bullets by David Lapham

Batman: Blind Justice with art by Dick Giordano