Monday, 27 July 2009


Cartoon from ages ago. I should do some more of these. 

"Test, Test, Test, Test.. Can You Hear Me Now?"

Just testing something really. 

Saturday, 25 July 2009

"I'm a West-Coast Strutting, One Bad Mutha.."

Here is a picture from a film I'm watching at the moment - Onibaba. I was trying to practice inking for a change. 

First I messed up the larger face, never mind! 

Secondly I should've left it simple black and white - it looked loads better. But the whole point is to practice and learn and I've left too much stuff half done for fear of wrecking it. So I tried adding some other shades. Whoops!

Third, it seems to have scanned in strangely. There's not supposed ot be any purple in it. I do however prefer it like this. 

Still, a fun little experiment and practice that didn't take very long at all. I should do more of these. 

Gotta practice for a gig tonight now. 

Third season of Dexter


City of the Lost Children - Man what a great film! Forgot to mention it, can't believe I've only just got round to watching it. 

Friday, 24 July 2009

"I'm Just A Little Bit Afraid Of You"

Explanation for the post below: Pencils for the comic. Messed up the second page and the whole thing isn't as loose as I wanted. Going to mess around with it a little more first. Damn!

"Don't Look on the Carpet, I Drew Something Awful on it "


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Think of a number, divide it by two

Fucking hell, my stereo's awful. 

Just getting into Wire. I'm a bit behind and starting with 'Pink Flag'. Love it. 

Had a week off and was going to spend it all drawing. I've only just got around to some this evening, instead I've met up with a friend and chatted about, read a lot and bought a lot of comics. Then I've been cleaning and rearranging the flat etc. 

Thought I better make up for the lost time drawing with some action tonight, so I've been working on 'Teethed Smile' the Polanski adaptation. These are supposed to be thumbnails but I don't seem to be able to stick with thumbnail size! Next I'm going to do the thumbnail order for the layout and then the roughs. Going to try and finish it this week so at least by the end of the week I would've finished one comic. 

Still got a gig and guitar to practice though, damn, this holiday really has just flown by. I have a tendency to stress any time off (including weekends) and worry about not doing enough. As a result I tried to read a hell of a lot. And I did. 

Wire - Pink Flag

Wednesday Comics #1 and #2 - didn't seem to have #3 today!

Meat is Murder 33 1/3 book.

Feast - cool fun horror flick. 

The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke - volumes 1 & 2

Solo # 5 - Darwyn Cooke

Richard Pryor Show Episodes 1 & 2

The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis

In the Flesh:Stories -Koren Shadmi

The Sandman Volume 7: Brief Lives

ABBA: Gold

Velvet Underground & Nico

Essential Amazing Spider-Man vol.6

Latest Buffy comics 

Horror Etc podcast 92 - British Horror

and in the time it's taken me to upload my pictures I've started and finished Solo#12 featuring Brendan McCarthy. Going to have to read that one again though, pretty and pretty nuts. 

Sunday, 12 July 2009

"Someone Stumbles to the Bathroom with the Horrors"

Finished -nearly. Still got the actual music part to do - that'll be tomorrow I think. Hopefully shouldn't take more than an evening, two at the most and the most important part is the score which I can send tommorow (once I've recorded the A and B sides of the record for the music). 

Quite pleased with it in the end, looked quite close to what I originally designed, although I dropped the piano score part (too obvious, didn't really need it) and put in new clok music bits on the glue tabs. I realised I hadn't put clok music anywhere, which is important to the score, and then I realised the glue tabs had gone to waste so it seemed natural to go there. Glad I didn't end up drawing it on the hatband as I had originally intended, but I should've really taken more care with the colours - I just chucked them on. Never mind. 

Added an extra inner sleeve for instructions as well - vague instructions, enough to explain a little without restricting the music performer. 

Just had a cool thought - it would be nice to do this to loads of records, put them in charity shops with a link to a website - anybody making music with them could send their music to the website. Hmmmm, pipe dream perhaps. 

The Sopranos Season One 

Essential Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5

Neu! - Neu!

Gold Blade - Home Turf

Samurai Jack Season One

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

"She's Lost Control Again"

Ouch, hand cramps. Started too late on the record desing, but think I've nearly finished it. Will probably move the notes somewhere else. Needs a little extra then should be finished. Not confident that it will look exactly like this (no shit!) but I'll try my best. At the moment I'm planning on tracing and painting with white paint and black ink (gulp!). 

Let's see if I can cram in some Twin Peaks. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"The Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chicken"

Trying out some more stuff. Photoshop is getting easier, taking advantage of the layers now. Some of this is rubbish, some of it I think'll work. Might try and finish the design tomorrow so I can actually work on the real piece Thursday and Friday, then do the music for it (it's going to be a music score) at the weekend. 

Fucking A-Plan. 

Guitar Hero lunch, love beating the plastic

Read about Ernest Borgine, Airwolf, isolation of chickens, made up the word 'Windular'


Bogdan Raczynski

Liars - Drum's Not Dead

Episode 91 Horror Podcast

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

Squarepusher - Go Plastic

Monday, 6 July 2009

"We Don't Think So, You Seem Starshaped"

More working on the ACQUIRED collective, not automated as I keep saying. Really finding the WACOM tablet tough, but actually optimistic I'll come up with something reasonable in the end. 

Horror Podcast episodes 89 & 90

Spicy Red Vegetable Soup

Essential Spider-Man Volume 5


Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance

The Braindance Coincidence

Sunday, 5 July 2009

"Black Toothed Grin"

Some rough working for a short comic based on one of Polanski's short films 'Teethed Smile' - I think it's called that anyway, I'll have to double check. 

"I Stay Away From the Bugs!"

Some workings out for the Automated Collective blog

"The Ghost I Love the Most"

Drawings from Rock Band 2/ Guitar Hero sessions. 


Essential Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5


Beetlebum on guitar

The Filth

Black Christmas


Twin Peaks