Sunday, 28 February 2010

"Girls On Film, Girls On FIlm."

No girls on film here. Just a silly pic I dun dot did.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

"It's The Same Old Show, The Killing Of A Flash Boy oh.."

Last little bit, wanted to do some really quick simple pen stuff.

"Paint it Black.."

Did a quick painting from one of David Lynch's short films. It's called 'The Grandmother'. Not too impressed with the painting but it was fun to do.

"Here In My Car, I Feel Safest As All.."

Totally knackered today as I didn't get much sleep so I took a day's holiday. Because it was impromptu, I was a bit worried about wasting it so I made sure I did some drawing.

Some of these are from Flickr photos, the rest are my first return to for months and months. Quite pleased with them though, as I usually set the timer to 60 seconds or more but these were all only 30.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Put my 360 away and got on with a little bit of work, easing myself in slowly.

Had an amazing time up in the Lake District with some friends, best holiday ever.

Did a lot of drinking, walking, eating and reading and a bit of drawing. Read 'New York Trilogy' By Paul Auster and 'Drawn To Life', a brilliant book on Disney animation. Loads of really useful tips, the most important being:


Most of the drawing was notes from that so I'm not posting them.

Also watched some ace films - 'Soul Power' - a documentary about the music festival that accompanied the 'Rumble In The Jungle'. James Brown is amazing in it.

Watched Withnail & I (for only the second time), a bit of 'Fishing with John', (must borrow that off Mart), 'Return to Oz' and the sublime Band in 'The Last Waltz'.

Just finished watching another great film (everything I watch and read tends to be great simply because I don't leave anything to chance, I just look up what's supposed to be the best and watch that. Too many good things out there to bother with the dross.) called 'The Face of Another'. Must buy this. Every scene is thoughtfully composed and reinforces the story. The aesthetics do not compromise the story but enforce it. Thought this was very important for comics, so when I was stuck at starting the 'Love Letter Vampire' comic I started copying scenes and notes and that's what I'm posting.