Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Serve the Servants

Bit rubbish but it's been a while. Also need to replace those cool pencils I lost. 

I'll get back to doing some comic stuff after a bit more practice. I'm thinking of doing a bit more arty stuff as well, got a few ideas...

Back In Black

Wow, I am rubbish. Just had a look at my blog and the first post was in August, so I better get a move on if I want to produce anything significant after a year. Usual distractions - games, comics, films. 

Good points: A lot of writing which I think is getting a little bit stronger and stranger, and lots and lots of reading - fiction, comics, and some theory books as well - haven't done that since my experimental music phase at University. Getting through a lot of film at the moment as well, but I'm really picking and choosing stuff, trying to get the right ideas. Played some really good games as well, very informative - as well as being fun of course. 

Bad points: Shut myself up in my room for waaaay too long. Got totally and hopelessly addicted to getting achievements on my new 360. So bad for that kind of thing. Finally managed to tear myself away and feel all the better for it. Haven't done any comic planning or drawing for way too long. Also lost my two favourite pencils, balls. Money is tight as usual and just as I was getting out of debt I realise I have a festival that's coming up that's going to be expensive. My guitar practicing has gone to shit. 

LESSON: Acheivements can be bad for your health. No idea how I fucking quit smoking.

But.....I've broken my 360 addicition. I've gone vegan (for a bit) to try and get some control on my terrible diet. Which actually seems to be working. I've been getting and enjoying regular excerise and I've picked up my guitar lessons again and I'm just mastering using a thumbpick and learning some John Martyn (all my guitar heroes are going folk at the moment - Graham Coxon, Johnny Marr etc). Really enjoying Bert Jansch's best of at the moment. I'm a terrible bandwagon whore but I don't give a fuck. Had an awesome session playing acoustic slide guitar last night. Really must find some way to incorporate it into the band. 

There's a bank holiday coming, I've got a nice walk along the beach planned tonight and there's a new horroretc podcast ready and waiting for me. Let's do some drawing and see how shit I've got in the break.