Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"Blaze of Glory"

Cool, got one of my stories on the six word stories page. Only just found out when I was googling to see if my gig details were up, which they are. 


Here's the gig details by the way - it's called the Sanctuary CafĂ© and it's basically in the downstairs bit. 


Thurs 17th Dec-Unicorn Power - "Pointy cone horse skewered pop by

humans" www.myspace.com/weareunicornpower

Cannibal Gymnastics - "Lo-fi stumblebee pop, with a stinger in its

heart and a honeycombed brain" www.myspace.com/cannibalgymnastics

Boy in the Cupboard - "Spanish guitar and double-bass indie

bitterness" www.myspace.com/boyinthecupboard

£2 8pm

Monday, 23 November 2009

"I'm a King Bee"

Still busy writing and arranging for the gig, honestly! Will put up some new stuff sometime after the 17th Dec.