Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I have been attempting to write some comics forever now. Just never got started. This post represents a start. Its a really short four page comic. This is the very first stage of planning the story. But its a start. It wasn't very hard to do - now I just need to start drawing it properly and messing with the layout. 

Todays sketches


Here's some stuff I did tonight and at the weekend. Realised I hadn't done any pencil drawing for ages - nearly all of my sketchbook work was in ink. So I did some pencil drawing.

Ouch. Still a long way to go.

Some 60 second drawings, some attempts to draw a mixture of things - horses, cars, people.

Not hitting my daily drawing quota, but steadily getting more focused and making it more of a regular thing.


No - obviously I couldn't do it! Damn. Did spend the weekend learning slide guitar instead, so at least it wasn't wasted. Did manage a small amount of drawing and I'm working on layouts for my comic now so I'll post up everything before I go to bed. 

Thats if I don't destroy everything in my room. I would love a cigarette. 

Saturday, 23 August 2008

This bank holiday weekend

Along with practicing drawing I've been trying to create some comics. This weekend I have a lot of spare time, so hopefully by Monday I should have something posted up, even if it some roughs. That's my target - lets see if I can do it! 

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Oh dear...

The main reason I created this blog is to improve my drawing - I drew most of my life then basically stopped for - ooh about 8 years or so - as I got really into making music. Every now and then I would have a hardcore month or two drawing again and getting better and then I would get distracted and stop. As a result my sketchbooks are all over the place - you can see the drawing improving and then suddenly it gets really bad again signalling a long break. 

I'm making another go of it, and had a really good week before I once again got distracted by a game I was playing. After three weeks I realised what was happening, put my TV in the cupboard and decided to create this blog so I would have some focus. 

So, its been about three weeks since I drew the pics I first posted up recently and today I started again. A little rusty as a result, so I started with the handy 60 second drawings. 

I then tried drawing some cats. I had made a birthday picture for a friend who loves cats and realised I couldn't draw them to save my life, so this seemed a good place to start. Be warned - they are not pretty. But I want to post up what I do so I can (hopefully) see some progress. Didn't get as much time as I would have liked drawing today, going to have to start practicing at lunch and maybe not watching so much Buffy in the evenings. 


Had to repost this as there was a problem with it.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Just putting a few pics up, old and recent so I can see where I was.

And I'm addicted already.

My First Blog

Hmmm, never thought I'd do something like this. 

Still, I'm trying to get back into drawing after a long spell of nothingness and this is apparently a good way of getting back into the swing of things. So I will attempt to post up something new once a week in an attempt to review my progress and have something to aim for. If this all goes well, I'll be adding to the super-avalanche of useless crap, unfocused childish rage, bad spelling and ill-informed opinions that the internet already provides. 

I'm listening to Aaliyah, she doesn't know me.