Sunday, 31 May 2009

Five-O said 'Freeze!' and I Got Numb

More time in the sun chatting to mates and watching their brand of 'Extreme Frisbee'. I dunno...

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Fuck You, I'll Skate To The Beach! And Look Better Doin' It! Part Two

Always post up in the wrong order - these are the earlier drawerings. Guess it doesn't really matter but I wanted to post them in the order I did them to show any progression. Can't be arsed to re-order them.


Fuck You, I'll Skate To The Beach! And Look Better Doin' It!

Quite and obscure lyric that one. 

So I've felt like I was getting into a rut - either that or not doing anything at all. So I'm going to try and get out of it. Going to try and get a 'polished' bit of work done and there's an outside art thing I might try my hand at. More arty, less draweringy. 

I also decided to try and get out more to beat of the depression and make myself feel like I was taking part in the life that everyone else seems to be having. To the beach! 

Pleasant, must make a habit of this. Been meaning to do this for ages (quick drawerings from life) but I always feel really self-conscious and, well, rude. Seems so intrusive to draw someone without their permission. Anyway, fuck 'em, they're having a lovely time and I'm a black hole of darkness so I will steal their souls with badly drawn pencil sketches! Felt the self-consciousness slip away and I think I was improving. Wanted to stay until I finished all my sketchbook but I was think I had started to melt a little bit so I came back. 

Because I'm trying to use the last few pages of old sketchbooks I found some bizarre doodles. They're here as well. 

Sorrow's Army

Really into that new Graham Coxon album. Totally following the indie guitar elite and learning lots of old folk fingerpicking guitar and loving it. Just ran through Cocaine Lil, Angie, Spencer the Rover and started learning Bert Jansch's version of 'Blues Run the Game'.  Which is appropriate as I'm in my annual summer funk, which is always pleasureable. 

Anyway, actually managed to do some drawing. Stuff from Thursday and Friday first.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hang On To Your Ego

Tried to do some work at lunchand failed miserably. Getting quite tired of the inconsistency. Think I'm too worried about creating nice looking pics rather than learning so I'm going to try some shorter poses instead. Memo for self! 

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

It's all in the reflexes

We're Needed Mrs. Peel

Very heavy holiday weekend. Some friends and I took turns drawing a panel to create an awesome comic. Perhaps the finest comic ever made. Is the world ready for it?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Listen Bud, He's Got Radioactive Blood

Defrosted the freezer. 


Did some drawings in between. 

Kinda. Just checking in, not going to bother posting them. Need an early night. 

So  I've just made some coffee and I'm going to try and finish 'Survivor' by Chuck Palahniuk.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

You Can Cry, You Can Mope, But Can You Swing From A Good Rope?

Try to Stay Soft and Remember to Bend the Chance to Get Supple Will Not Come Again

Here's some stuff - saw some great bands at ATP , did some doodles and then did a little drawing practice/comic stuff tonight.  Had to redraw some of the thumbnails of the comic just to remember where I got to. Argh.

Managed to come up with a lyric while watching Kim and Kelly Deal play with Deerhunter. Not sure if it'll work or not but I include it here. God bless vodka and orange juice. Still going strong on the vegan thing, a month now. 

The release of the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and some great, great comic reading ('The Hands of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu', 'Essential Marvel Horror', The Witching Hour, Fables and Jack of Fables) has given me the boost to try and actually finish at least one comic this year, so I'm trying to (slowly) finish off 'Levelling Out', my black comedy horror.