Wednesday, 28 January 2009

"Strawberries for breakfast, chocolate for lunch"

I only have paltry offerings tonight I'm afraid. 

I actually did some drawing yesterday , but just seemed to come up with rubbish. I really liked my hands (although they still need improvement) and I thought I could just doodle and come up with something worthwhile. Nuh-uh.

I wasn't going to edit myself, but it seems pointless to just post up everything. I decided I wanted to try some drawing that wasn't based on photos, so I started doodling out some ideas based on a story I want to draw. 

Ideas about a heart, a city, blood, alleys and roads. I'm trying to start off with a heart and then abstract it but still keep it somewhat recognisable. Still poor going though - I'll think next drawing session I'll try and do some quick thumbnail sketches rather than the pointless meandering I've done over the last couple of days. 

Monday, 26 January 2009

No do war era rings

My hand is slightly hurting from too much workhorse mouse moving today so I'm going to skip the drawing and read a book instead. Also it's ten o' clock already and I'm old.

This week I am reading 'Uncanny Stories' by May Sinclair, recommended to me at work. I recently finished Moby Dick, a book I had been meaning to read for ages. Much as I loved what I had read when I started it I recognised that it was going to be a long and read and I would have to give my all to it, especially since it had been an age since I had read fiction. So I kept putting it off and eventually made a pact that I would not read another book until I had finished this one.

It soon became an obsession, and I turned my mind from all other reading considerations. I couldn't think of reading anything else, perchance this may steer me from my fate and the final page. Eventually I gave myself a deadline of one week to finish the thing and left all other concerns behind me... etc

Anyway, I loved it. I plan to re-read it soon without the pressure of having it a must read and really take it in.  So now I've got a whole wealth shelf for myself and I'm starting with some recommendations.

This is really just a continuation of my doomed attempt to suck as much stuff up as possible, while also providing a noble way of totally avoiding actually using any knowledge and skill attained to actually produce something and risk failure. 

I have also had a shave. 

Here's a painting I never finished and a finish I never painted. 

Sunday, 25 January 2009

More hands

After posting the hands I fancied doing some more - so here are some more. 

There is a ship coming - it's winging it's way now

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm - BAM!

Not quite the avalanche of drawing posts I exactly planned. Been busy playing guitar and watching every single epsiode of the Twilight Zone ever made, which takes some time as well as slightly skewing your perception of reality. 

The main reason was I was trying to get away from the posemaniacs stuff but ended up just doodling randomly - I finally decided to do some hands today - something I sorely need practice in. Still haven't got the hang of it, but I'm actually enjoying drawing them now. Noticed that I started changing my drawing style from sharp to curvy lines. Quite enjoying the curves.

Witness article A - a drawing post. This is a place of links and emails.. Look - there's a podcast up ahead - you're entering....the sketch zone. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Checkin' In

Just posting for myself really so I remember I have been drawing - not going to post up until I've got a few intersting things - the only stuff I like that I've done in the last couple of days has mainly been posemaniacs stuff and I feel I should give it a rest posting those.  And my hand is playing up a little so I don't want to overdue it this week. So hopefully a big update by the end of the week. 

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sum Moore

Some more stuff - did a lot of life drawing, just really enjoy doing it - which means I should probably try and draw other things instead. Haven't put them all up, just the last couple I liked. Problem is, I always warm up with them and then get carried away and then don't leave enough time for any other drawing. 

Did a couple more drawings from faces, quite poor, I wasn't really trying hard enough, I just wanted an excuse to listen to the last part of the Friday 13th podcast episode from horroretc. 

Going to do some more today, I'll try and do something a little more interesting.