Thursday, 24 December 2009

Friday, 4 December 2009

"And You've Got The Face On"

Doing this, managed it (barely) so far, but I've been too busy to post anything up. I'm doing a 'comic panel every day'. I thought inspiration would just come to me day by day and produce a mind-blowing twist filled comic subject to my whim.

That's not been the case. Instead I've done
  • A terrible page one of 'My Helly Face' , a comic I've been putting off for..ooh..probably four years now
  • A totally shit abstract panel that was the case of "totally forgot! I've got 4 minutes to go before midnight, quick, get SOMETHING done!". I've got an idea for it though
  • A random comic panel, again, badly done. I took a bit of dialogue from my Marvel Essential Horror book and drew a panel for it.
None of it makes sense, hopefully I can rescue the project somehow! I think the best way is to just draw rough outlines of whole pages so I can mess about with the story and layouts and then fill them in later. Really don't want to quit though, so I'm willing to do any piece of crap to stay in the game!

Off to ATP soon, so I'll post up the results when I get back. Going to work on stuff while I'm there -I'm always up about three hours before anyone else anyway. Then I'll send the links to the 100 days Facebook.