Thursday, 16 February 2012

Batman. Stop.

Fuck, been over a year since I did ANYTHING on here. Planning to give it another go - been doing a lot of music lately and being a bit more creative and now I'm itching to get some drawing done again.

Well, a little scratchy at least.

So, I happened on a drawing book that seemed to be just what I need and I plan to work my way through it. I was actually going to do a few sketches last weekend, but then I realised because I have a new PC, my old scanner is incompatible and I need a new one. Still, going to at least try and get some drawing done over the weekend even if I don't post up for a little bit.

Hopefully I'll be back on here soon!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Languid Shimmering Strings

Just some more exercises.


Justice League America Annual 1996


Thirst (2009)
Braindead (1992)

Braindead was amazing, never seen it before, only heard the stories. Lived up to its reputation and more.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sleek Latin Flourishes

New year - hopefully I'll get a bit more done. Going to keep this a bit more like a diary for a bit so I can keep track of what I've done. Today:

Legends: The Collection - John Ostrander (JLA comic)
Justice League America Annual #5 'Tomorrow's League Today!'
Justice League America Annual #6 'Maximum Eclipse'

Telescope - A Talk with Hitchcock Part 1 (1694)
Telescope - A Talk with Hitchcock Part 2 (1694)
Close Up - Orson Welles - The Paris Interview (1960)
Pirahna (1978)
Colours of Infinity (1995)

Boosting session for Bioshock 2
Read nine lessons from drawspace to get back into the swing of things

Monday, 8 November 2010

Kogumaza/ Songs of my Lap / Scotch Pine

Did some sketching at this gig put on by Dizzy Storm & Game Show Lovers. Wicked gig, pictures seemed better at the time!

If you want to check the bands out

Scotch Pine was a collaboration between Scotch Egg and Pine Forest.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bee's Mouth

And stuff from tonight - so-so stuff. The one at the top I like though - we had to a drawing in the dark and that was it. I actually thought I was using a thick black pencil, so I was a bit surprised when the light came on and it was all blue.

White Night

Drawings from White Night

Long time - Oldies

Been ages since I posted anything up, partly due to lack of drawing, partly due to fucked PC. Here's a backlog - First up, life drawing lessons. This model was amazing - don't think I've posted these...hmmm... EDIT: No, I haven't. Good.