Sunday, 28 September 2008

Joan crawford can be drawn with a ruler, Bette Davis with curls.

Bit of a frustrating (as usual) weekend - couldn't seem to get much done, and not very pleased with what I did do. Apart from my guitar playing which seemed to go rather well.

Putting up some more of the 60 second drawings - I'm not really improving because I'm not managing to practice everyday. Tut, tut. I was pleased with a couple of the lines - I seemed to draw really differently yesterday to today - it doesn't show much, but I was going for really simple strong curvy lines today, and yesterday was my usual scribble. 

Tried using some ink to do drawing today and just got into an awful mess. Then got pissed off and just scribbled for about an hour drawing hands, but not really concentrating at all. 

Finally decided to try and get something good done - watched 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane' recently and really enjoyed Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Decided to try and draw some femme fatales. Failed, but really enjoyed it and I think its something I'm going to go back to soon. Love film noir, means you can do lovely inky black sketches, my favourite. 

Sunday, 21 September 2008

So busy...

...haven't had a chance for much drawing. So I made a point of taking my sketchbook everywhere today and tried getting in some work while I was out and about, no matter how doodly it was. 

Also came up with a wicked Rizla joke. 

Monday, 8 September 2008

Last of the old stuff for now.

The last few bits have been old pics I quite like for one reason or another. I found some empty pages in one of my old sketchbooks, so Im using them and as a result I found some of this stuff. For some reason I'm finding it hard to find the time to draw at the moment - think I need to regain some focus. 

On the train and obviously some kind of stressfull day (old)

Railway tracks (old drawing)

Used to live right above Brighton railway station and I did these drawings of the tracks one day. Meant to do something arty with it - really just liked the idea of the simple squirmy lines. 

Stress drawings

Drew these when I was waiting on a friend a couple of weeks ago. I had quit smoking for six days but had substituted fags for loads of Hubba Bubba and Fanta and had some kind of weird shaky sugar panic rush. Tried to take my mind off of it with doodles. 

Some random weekend sketching/ideas

Really quite bad, just drawing when I can really. 

Slowly, slowly.

Have actually been drawing a little each day, but mostly just the posemaniacs stuff. Don't want to keep just posting those up so I've left them for a while. Thought I'd put up some of the bits and pieces I've been doing at the moment. 

First off  - some designing sketches for the first comic idea. Been thinking about the space station. I kind of want to try a Jack Kirby style (i.e. rip him off) but I've also started looking at loads of E.C. Comics, and I'm really loving the designs. Then I remember how much I actually love designing and coming up with ideas, so I thought i may as well take my time over them.